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Are Smart Cities a Clever Idea

One of the phrases we are hearing more and more lately – is the term “Smart City”.  What is...

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How did Covid-19 Impact Commercial Property as an Asset Class?

As we discussed in our previous post, the residential property sector has proven remarkably...

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South African Residential Market Proves More Resilient than Thought

In July, we speculated about who might benefit from historically low interest rates. Since then,...

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Who Will Benefit from Low Interest Rates?

Interest rates in South Africa are at an historic low as the Reserve Bank tries to get the economy...

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Are you a Doer or an Interrupter?

There is an old Chinese Proverb which says “Let the one who says it cannot be done, not interrupt...

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What’s Next? Post-COVID Commercial Property Trends to Watch

Throughout the crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, South Africa has had the benefit of learning...

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How our Business has found Opportunity in Market Shifts following the Corona Disruption

Two months ago “corona” was a word that related to something happening in China and getting a...

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Commercial Property Brokers: Life In Lockdown

Commercial Exchange director Lisa Crossley and our head of operations, Jenny Carazzo, talk about...

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Coronavirus in the Real Estate Environment

Where Tenants, Landlords and Government Meet to Rewrite the Rules COVID-19 has dealt most...

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Our New World: Commercial Property Opportunities Post COVID-19

Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. COVID-19 is a crisis that is set to change...

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After the Deal is Signed: 4 Barriers to Bringing a Deal to Conclusion

There is nothing more rewarding than that moment when a deal has been concluded and the Seller and...

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How to Make your Commercial Property Funding Case

Are you new to commercial property investment and looking for a lender? You’ll need the...

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