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The Month in Review May 2021

The Month in Review May 2021

The SA property market remains fairly buoyant in the first half of 2021. Listed stock averaged around 20% recovery as of early May 2021, which is also one of the strongest worldwide (however, this must be viewed against an overall average drop of 35% value last year).  Moneyweb has detailed our recovery against international markets and their article might be worth a read – article here.

All things considered, 2021 is likely to trend in the property market recovery and from purely an investment perspective, this could be one of the best times to invest (when values have had a sizeable drop and the trend is upward). Most market commentators do indicate that property must be considered as a long-term and quite risky investment.

 At Commercial Exchange this month, we saw some interesting portfolio’s coming into the market. 

Student/Tenanted Apartment Blocks – Tshwane

For the investor, a portfolio of student or tenanted residential apartments in the Inner City of Tshwane has come into the market. Most of these properties have recently been redeveloped or refurbished and some have a decent tenancy schedule to go with the offering. These investment opportunities, suit investors who do not want to go into the trouble of developing or refurbishing the properties themselves – view these opportunities here.

Corporate Disposal

Nedbank has released a portfolio of formerly occupied office and retail buildings across the country. Included in this portfolio is the company’s head office in Sandton CBD which comes with a partial leaseback, featured earlier this week. If you are registered on our database, you would have received the listings by mail – if not why not pop us an email at and we can forward the portfolio to you. To join our database, subscribe here:

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